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Waivers and Releases

Is Signing a Lien Waiver Necessary for Payment?

Lien releases and lien waivers help construction payments go smoothly and prevent double payments, keeping projects on track without legal complications. Knowing how to use them effectively is important in managing construction projects.
Credit and Collections

Credit & Collections Best Practices in Florida - Webinar

In this webinar, construction professionals based in Florida can learn in detail about offering credit, extending the credit, how to avoid potential problems when you extend credit, and some key tips on how to collect credit.
Credit and Collections

Financial Traps to Avoid for Construction Businesses in Florida

Financial traps can ensnare construction businesses in Florida, jeopardizing their stability and growth. To navigate these pitfalls, businesses must prioritize these key strategies.
Credit and Collections

Construction Payment Process in Florida: How to Get Paid Quickly

The construction industry in Florida is booming, with countless projects ranging from residential homes to massive commercial developments.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Getting Paid Faster with Liens, Bonds and Contracts - Kansas - Webinar

Streamline Payment Procedures in Kansas through the use of Liens, Bonds, and Contracts.

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