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Credit and Collections


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Credit and Collections

Do This One Thing to Improve Your Collections - Webinar

Doing collections the right way is important. You should know about payment terms, why you should accept partial payments, what a credit application is, and Claim of Lien deadlines.
Credit and Collections

Bad Checks and Credit Card Chargebacks – How to Deal with Them - Webinar

Learn about bad checks and credit card chargebacks, when not to sign a bond or lien release, when to send a statutory demand latter, and when to file a lawsuit.
Credit and Collections

How Much Credit Can I Extend to My customer Before I Get Screwed - Webinar

Learn about everything there is to know about extending credit to a customer, how to protect your lien rights, using the right lien form, and how to use SunRay to send a Notice to Owner.
Credit and Collections

How to Deal with Bad Checks & Credit Card Chargebacks - Webinar

Learn about Bad Checks and Credit Card Chargebacks, Bad Check Penalties, when not to sign a bond or lien release, and other tips in this Webinar.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

New Year Refresher for Liens, Bonds and Collections - Webinar

Liens, Bonds and Collections are very crucial in the construction industry. Learn the steps to file a Lien, Claim on Bond, Collection Tricks and Tips in this blog.

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