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Boo! The Scariest Contract Term That’s in Your Contracts (and You Don’t Even Know It) - Webinar

Learn about the scariest term in your contract as a subcontractor, what an Addendum to Contract is, and how not to get stuck between a general contractor’s agreement and a supplier’s terms.

What is a Contractor's Final Affidavit? When Do I Need to Send One and How? - Webinar

Learn what a Contractors Final Affidavit is. What happens if the Notice of Commencement is terminated, and how is an affidavit different from a “sworn statement” or “sworn affidavit?”
Get me Paid

Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do This to Get Paid Anyway - Webinar

Learn how to make a pay-when-paid provision enforceable as a general contractor, about lien and bond claim rights, and how to use magic language like condition precedent.

My Subcontractor (or Sub-Sub) Is Not Performing. What Are My Options? - Webinar

What to do if your sub or sub-sub is not performing, how to include lien waivers and change orders in a release, and how to be ready for construction liens, claims, and lawsuits.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Construction Contract & Lien Basics that Will Get You Paid Faster: Part 4 - Waiver and Release Best Practices - Webinar

Learn about lien waivers and what form of release to use. Take a look at some statutory release forms, like the waiver and release of lien, and understand how to get paid faster.

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