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I Am Owed a Few Thousand Dollars. Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer? - Webinar

Some payments can be recovered by you, while others are better left to a lawyer. Learn why a lawyer will send a demand letter, what a prevailing party is, and why a written contract is important.
New Lien Laws Changes

Getting Paid Using Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims - Webinar

How the mechanics lien Ohio and bond claims can get you paid. Learn about appropriate lien waiver and bond claim waivers, as well as Ohio mechanic’s lien law.

Boo! The Scariest Contract Term That’s in Your Contracts (and You Don’t Even Know It) - Webinar

Learn about the scariest term in your contract as a subcontractor, what an Addendum to Contract is, and how not to get stuck between a general contractor’s agreement and a supplier’s terms.

What is a Contractor's Final Affidavit? When Do I Need to Send One and How? - Webinar

Learn what a Contractors Final Affidavit is. What happens if the Notice of Commencement is terminated, and how is an affidavit different from a “sworn statement” or “sworn affidavit?”
Get me Paid

Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do This to Get Paid Anyway - Webinar

Learn how to make a pay-when-paid provision enforceable as a general contractor, about lien and bond claim rights, and how to use magic language like condition precedent.

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