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Contract Changes to Protect My Company - Webinar

There are eight changes you can make to your contract to protect your company. Understand about change order process, AIA contract documents, and see examples of problem contract provisions.

3 Contract Terms that Should Not be in Your Next Contract - Webinar

There are some contract terms that you should be aware of and avoid. You should also know how to include provisions to stop work, to include a change order, and notice to cure.

What is a Contractor's Final Affidavit? When Do I Need to Send One and How? - Webinar

Learn what a Contractors Final Affidavit is. What happens if the Notice of Commencement is terminated, and how is an affidavit different from a “sworn statement” or “sworn affidavit?”
New Lien Laws Changes

Getting Paid Using Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims - Webinar

How the mechanics lien Ohio and bond claims can get you paid. Learn about appropriate lien waiver and bond claim waivers, as well as Ohio mechanic’s lien law.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Construction Contract & Lien Basics that Will Get You Paid Faster: Part 4 - Waiver and Release Best Practices - Webinar

Learn about lien waivers and what form of release to use. Take a look at some statutory release forms, like the waiver and release of lien, and understand how to get paid faster.

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