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Lien Waiver / Lien Release


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Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Tennessee Lien law basics – Who, What, and How Much - Webinar

Learn the basics of Tennessee lien laws, who has lien rights, what properties can be liened in Tennessee, what work can be liened in Tennessee, and limitations on the lien amount.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Don’t Sign a Lien Waiver Unless It Says this One Thing - Webinar

Lien waiver forms, four different waiver forms, unconditional waivers, partial lien waiver, final lien waiver, and overbroad waivers.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Boo! Scary Lien Waivers and How to Avoid Them (And Still Get Paid) - Webinar

Lien releases and lien waivers can seem scary. But by understanding what they do you can still get paid! Learn what to do as a subcontractor, and look at a lien release form.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Construction Contract & Lien Basics that Will Get You Paid Faster: Part 5 - Lien Law Traps to Avoid - Webinar

Learn how to respond to a Sworn Statement of Account and what information this statement requires. Take a look at a sample Request for Sworn Statement of Account, and understand how to amend a lien.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Do This One Thing Before You Sign That Next Release - Webinar

There is one thing you should do before you sign a release! Learn what forms general contractors should accept, how a release of lien works, about change orders, and conditional releases.

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