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Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Do This One Thing Before You Sign That Next Release - Webinar

There is one thing you should do before you sign a release! Learn what forms general contractors should accept, how a release of lien works, about change orders, and conditional releases.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Can I Lien a Homestead Property? 6 Major Homestead Lien Questions Answered - Webinar

We answer 6 major homestead questions including what to do if your Notice of Commencement is terminated, how to count your deadline for NTO, and whether a homestead property can be liened.

My Subcontractor (or Sub-Sub) Is Not Performing. What Are My Options? - Webinar

What to do if your sub or sub-sub is not performing, how to include lien waivers and change orders in a release, and how to be ready for construction liens, claims, and lawsuits.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Top 3 [Avoidable] Lien Release Mistakes - Webinar

Using the wrong lien release form or language can cost you your payments. Learn more about how a conditional release will get you paid and why change orders are important to include.

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