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Contract Changes to Protect My Company - Webinar

There are eight changes you can make to your contract to protect your company. Understand about change order process, AIA contract documents, and see examples of problem contract provisions.
Change Orders

Change Order Headaches? This is your Aspirin so you Get Paid - Webinar

Get paid every time with change orders, by learning the basics about this amendement and what people usually forget to include in them.
Change Orders

Don't Make This 1 Change Order Mistake, Or It Will Cost you BIG Time - Webinar

There is commonly one thing missing from each change order that is usually overlooked. Learn how you as a subcontractor can add a stop work order to your change order.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Top 3 [Avoidable] Lien Release Mistakes - Webinar

Using the wrong lien release form or language can cost you your payments. Learn more about how a conditional release will get you paid and why change orders are important to include.

My Subcontractor (or Sub-Sub) Is Not Performing. What Are My Options? - Webinar

What to do if your sub or sub-sub is not performing, how to include lien waivers and change orders in a release, and how to be ready for construction liens, claims, and lawsuits.

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