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Miller Act Notice

What is a Miller Act Notice?

A Miller Act Notice (or Miller Act Claim) is used instead of a Mechanic's Lien to seek payment for your work on a federal construction project. The federal government will not allow its property to be liened, so instead suppliers or subcontractors on federal construction projects can demand their payment rights under the Miller Act.

Send a Miller Act Notice
Miller Act Notice Protects your payment in federal projects
Primary remedy to secure payments on federal projects.
Miller Act Notice gets you paid
Gets you paid even without Preliminary Notice.
Miller act protects your money
Protects your rights through a federal lawsuit.
Miller Act Notice protects second tier contractors also
Secures money for second-tier contractors as well.

How to send a Miller Act Notice?

First, you need to be sure that you’re on a qualifying federal construction project – these will generally be projects conducted on a federal property (e.g. U.S. Military or U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs).

You also need to know the name of the surety and public entity in charge of the work – both of which you are entitled to request.

You must first deliver a Miller Act Notice within 90 days of your last day on the job.

Both first tier subcontractors (i.e. you contracted directly with the prime contractor) and second tier subcontractors (i.e. you supplied services or materials to subcontractors) have 1 year from the last date you provided materials or services to the project to file a suit on the bond.

Filing a Miller Act Notice can be a complex and lengthy process, with a high margin of error.

SunRay’s research services will include the following:

Construction Bond Claim Steps
Researching the property owner, property description, and the bonding information.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Researching the identity of the bond or surety company.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Serving the filed claim to the appropriate party.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Our system allows you to track YOUR deadlines.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Retaining records of all notices and liens on our database for easy future access.
File a Miller Act Notice
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Miller Act Notice FAQs

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