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New Lien Laws Changes

These Are the Newest Changes to the Lien Law in 2019 - Webinar

Lien laws do not change very often, but when they do it is important to stay informed. Understand how the new Florida lien law affects you as a subcontractor, what to do after an owner makes a demand letter, and more.
New Lien Laws Changes

What Happens After I Record My Lien? How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

Learn about a claim of lien, what a surety bond is, and when you should hire a construction lawyer or construction attorney to get paid.
New Lien Laws Changes

Tennessee Lien law basics – Who, What, and How Much - Webinar

Learn the basics of Tennessee lien laws, who has lien rights, what properties can be liened in Tennessee, what work can be liened in Tennessee, and limitations on the lien amount.
New Lien Laws Changes

Georgia - Notice to Contractor, Lien and Bond Claim Refresher (With pro-tips) - Webinar

Basics of Notice to Contractor, lien, and bond claims in Georgia. Learn about lien waivers, Notice of Commencement in Georgia, filing a bond claim, and how to secure attorney fees in Georgia.

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