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New Lien Laws Changes

Top 4 Mistakes that Invalidate a Georgia Lien - Webinar

Four of the biggest mistakes that invalidate your lien in Georgia. Learn about the Georgia Notice of Commencement, privity of contract, and how to file a lien.
New Lien Laws Changes

Are You Ready for Texas Lien Changes? - Texas’s Lien Law Makeover - Webinar

Statutory notary requirements for lien waivers, key changes to Texas lien law, and the combined Notice for unpaid materials, labor and contractual retainage.
New Lien Laws Changes

Overzealous and Improper Liens in Tennessee - Webinar

Common situations of improper liens, liening without Notice of Nonpayment, exaggerated liens, and forfeited, expired, and satisfied liens.
New Lien Laws Changes

Preserving a Lien - Timing and Filing Requirements in Tennesse - Webinar

Part two on Tennessee lien laws. Learn about prime contractors vs remote contractors, when to file a Notice of Lien, Tennessee lien law changes, and about the Notice of Completion.
New Lien Laws Changes

What about Priority? – The Visible Commencement Standard in Tennessee - Webinar

Learn about the Tennessee property lien law basics, how a lien secures the ‘contract price,’ and what happens if a sworn statement is not recorded on time.

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