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New Lien Laws Changes

Oh $#!t, I Blew my Deadline! Now What? - Webinar

In this webinar, find out what are the options available for construction professionals in Florida if they miss their lien deadline, what are the exceptions to lien law, bonds that you can pursue in case you lose your lien rights, and more.
New Lien Laws Changes

Georgia Lien Law Changes. Are You Ready? - Webinar

An overview of Georgia’s lien law changes in 2020, whether lien waivers no longer waive contract rights, and the new notice requirements to send to a general contractor.
New Lien Laws Changes

Overzealous and Improper Liens in Tennessee - Webinar

Common situations of improper liens, liening without Notice of Nonpayment, exaggerated liens, and forfeited, expired, and satisfied liens.
New Lien Laws Changes

Getting Paid Using Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims - Webinar

How the mechanics lien Ohio and bond claims can get you paid. Learn about appropriate lien waiver and bond claim waivers, as well as Ohio mechanic’s lien law.
New Lien Laws Changes

What about Priority? – The Visible Commencement Standard in Tennessee - Webinar

Learn about the Tennessee property lien law basics, how a lien secures the ‘contract price,’ and what happens if a sworn statement is not recorded on time.

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