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New Lien Laws Changes

Preserving a Lien - Timing and Filing Requirements in Tennesse - Webinar

Part two on Tennessee lien laws. Learn about prime contractors vs remote contractors, when to file a Notice of Lien, Tennessee lien law changes, and about the Notice of Completion.
New Lien Laws Changes

These Are the Newest Changes to the Lien Law in 2019 - Webinar

Lien laws do not change very often, but when they do it is important to stay informed. Understand how the new Florida lien law affects you as a subcontractor, what to do after an owner makes a demand letter, and more.
New Lien Laws Changes

Perfecting Your Lien Rights in Florida's Construction Industry

Perfecting lien rights in Florida's construction requires early notice, meticulous documentation, timely filing, and expert guidance to ensure compliance and maximize payment certainty.
New Lien Laws Changes

How Do Construction Professionals Get Paid: Understanding the Lien Process

Getting paid as a construction professional involves understanding the lien process thoroughly. Filing a lien is just the beginning; to enforce your lien rights, you must take a few more steps.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

3 (Avoidable) Lien Release Mistakes that Will Cost You Big Time! - Webinar

Selecting an inappropriate lien release form or using incorrect language may cost you your payment. Discover the benefits of utilizing a conditional release to ensure timely payments and grasp the significance of incorporating change orders for a smoother transaction process.

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