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Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Your Lien is Worthless…on Tenant Buildout Work. Here’s Why (and What to do About It) - Webinar

Understand why your lien maybe worthless on tenant buildout work, how to find out the party contracting with the general contractor, and why you should not rely on the Notice of Commencement.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Do This One Thing Before You Sign That Next Release - Webinar

There is one thing you should do before you sign a release! Learn what forms general contractors should accept, how a release of lien works, about change orders, and conditional releases.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Can I Lien a Homestead Property? 6 Major Homestead Lien Questions Answered - Webinar

We answer 6 major homestead questions including what to do if your Notice of Commencement is terminated, how to count your deadline for NTO, and whether a homestead property can be liened.
Get me Paid

If I Lien A Tenant/Lease, What Am I Liening (And How Do I Get Paid)? - Webinar

How to get paid as the lienor of a leased property, how to check the Notice of Commencement before liening, how to lien a leasehold interest, and how to protect yourself as a subcontractor..
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Requirements When Sending Florida Notices to Owners

Learn the top three requirements that you should keep in mind before you send your Notice to Owner.

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