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Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

A Contractor’s, Subcontractor’s and Supplier’s Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Paid - Georgia - Webinar

In this webinar, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in Georgia can find out how they can get paid successfully during different phases of their construction projects.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Claim of Lien or Mechanics Lien in Florida: What You Need to Know

In the world of construction and property improvement, understanding the intricacies of liens is crucial for both contractors and property owners.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Understanding the Complexities of Construction Liens: Types of Lienors and Exemptions

Liens stand as a crucial mechanism to safeguard the interests of contributors to a construction endeavor in real property, addressing disputes over payments and obligations.
Get me Paid

What Is a Notice of Commencement in Florida and What Must it Contain?

Read more about the Notice of Commencement including where to record it, what information to include in the form, deadlines, and whether or not it should be notarized.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

10 Benefits of Serving an NTO Early Under Florida’s Construction Lien Law in 2024

Here are the various benefits of serving a Notice to Owner early in Florida.

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