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NTO/Preliminary Notices

Why You Need a Notice to Owner in Florida

We have listed some of the most important reasons why you should file a Notice to Owner in Florida to secure your lien rights.
NTO/Preliminary Notices

3 Notice to Owner Mistakes That Could Kill Your Lien Rights

We have compiled a list of the three silliest and most common Notice to Owner mistakes that could cost you your lien rights!
NTO/Preliminary Notices

$h!#, I Forgot to Send My Notice to Owner. What Now (and How to Get Paid)? - Webinar

Even if you forget to send your Notice to Owner, you can still get paid your hard-earned money! Read more to find out how.
NTO/Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Requirements When Sending Notices to Owners

These are the top three requirements that you should keep in mind before you send your Notice to Owner.
NTO/Preliminary Notices

Florida Notice to Owner (NTO) – Everything you need to know

The Notice to Owner is one of the very first documents you need to send to the owner of a property to begin the process of securing your lien or bond claim rights

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