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Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices


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Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Notice to Owner Mistakes that Can Cost You Big - Webinar

There are three commonly made Notice to Owner mistakes that will cost you your lien rights or bond claim rights. Learn what to do if you receive an amended Notice of Commencement.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Wait, What? I Only Have 40 Days to Send My Notice to Owner - Webinar

The Florida Lien statute says 45 days but the truth is you only have 40 days to send your Notice to Owner (NTO)!
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

$h!#, I Forgot to Send My Notice to Owner. What Now (and How to Get Paid)? - Webinar

How to get paid if you forget to send a Notice to Owner, how to file a lawsuit for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, and when you may have a claim against the payment bond.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

How to Lien a Construction Project in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of construction and real estate, a lien is a legal claim against a property that serves as security for a debt. Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and other parties involved in a construction project have the right to file a lien if they are not paid for their work or materials. The process to lien a construction project involves a series of well-defined steps, each with its own set of rules and deadlines.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

What Are the Basic Notice to Owner and Mechanic’s Lien Rules?

Find out the fundamental rules for securing lien rights in construction projects, emphasizing the importance of timely Notice to Owner and Mechanic's Lien filings in this blog. Additionally, we also understand the key exceptions that can protect contractors' rights even when deadlines are missed.

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