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Stop Notice

What is a Stop Notice?

A Stop payment notice, is a verified written notice signed by the claimant which formally notifies the property owner that the claimant has not been paid for their labor, services, equipments, or materials provided to the construction project. A Stop Notice is delivered to the prime contractor or property owner, and demands that they withhold enough funds to pay your claim. If the property owner or prime contractor is in possession of funds at the time your stop notice is sent. They will be responsible for payment of your claim if they disburse those funds to other parties.

Send a Stop Notice
Stop Notice makes the owner accountable for payment
Makes the owner accountable for your pending payment.

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Stop Notice can be used legally
Can be used as legal proof in a court of law.
Stop notice can be send along with a lien
Protects money that cannot be claimed through a Mechanic's Lien.
Stop notice gets you paid
Acts as a priority claim to the payments released for the project.

How to send a Stop Payment Notice

Stop Notices are generally sent and not filed anywhere. They are usually sent to the owner of a property, the prime contractor, or the company that is financing the project.

Different states have different requirements for how the notice must be sent
, what it must include, and who must receive it. You also need to keep meticulous records of when the document was sent and received as it will not be recorded anywhere.

Preparing and sending a notice can be a complex and lengthy process, and small mistakes can make the difference between getting paid or not.

SunRay Construction Solutions does the legwork for you, so sending a notice couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in a Stop Notice form and we’ll do the rest for you.

SunRay’s research services will include the following:

Construction Bond Claim Steps
Researching the property owner and the property description.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Recording the lien with the County Recorder.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Serving the filed lien to intended parties.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Our system allows you to track YOUR deadlines.
Construction Bond Claim Steps
Retaining records of all notices in our database for easy future access.
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Stop Notice FAQs

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