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Boo! The Scariest Contract Term That’s in Your Contracts (and You Don’t Even Know It) - Webinar

You probably do not know the scariest term that is in your contract, but we do! Learn the secrets behind different contracts and some dangerous provisions.
Waivers and Releases

Don't Sign A Release Unless It Says This One Thing. Seriously, Don't Do It! - Webinar

Learn more about what kind of releases you should and should not sign, before you put another pen to paper.
Claim on Bond

How Do I Get Paid After I Make A Payment Bond Claim - Webinar

Learn about payment bond claims, their deadlines and how you can get paid on time.
Credit and Collections

How Much Credit Can I Extend to My customer Before I Get Screwed - Webinar

Learn everything there is to know about extending credit to a customer and use our tips the next time a customer asks for more.
NTO/Preliminary Notices

$h!#, I Forgot to Send My Notice to Owner. What Now (and How to Get Paid)? - Webinar

Even if you forget to send your Notice to Owner, you can still get paid your hard-earned money! Read more to find out how.

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