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Boo! Scary Lien Waivers and How to Avoid Them (And Still Get Paid) - Webinar

Lien waivers and releases can seem scary, but by learning what they do and how you can avoid them, you can still get paid!
Claim on Bond

I've Received a Claim on my Payment or Performance Bond! Now What? - Webinar

So you received a claim on your payment bond or performance bond. Learn what you should do after and what kind of notice you will receive.
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What Is a Sworn Statement of Account? How Do I Respond to a Sworn Statement? - Webinar

Learn what a Sworn Statement of Account is, how to respond to one, and what happens if you don’t respond on time.

Can I Lien a Homestead Property? 6 Major Homestead Lien Questions Answered - Webinar

Find out whether you can lien and foreclose on a homestead property that you provide labor and/or materials for.

How Do I Lien for Tenant Improvements? - Webinar

Liening for tenant improvement work is not the same as liening on the owner’s interest in the property. Understand the difference here.

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