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SunRay’s e-recording software takes you through the step-by-step process of e-recording your NOCs, Liens and Satisfactions online. The easy and fast e-recording system is so simple all you need to do are the below steps:

STEP 1: Create your free account

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What documents can you e-record?

SunRay’s e-recording online service supports numerous construction documents. You can e-record your NOCs, Liens, Satisfactions and more. E-recording can be done for the following:

Notice of Commencement

Notice of Contest of Lien

Amended Notice of Commencement

Performance Bond/Payment Bond

Termination of Notice of Commencement

Satisfaction of Lien


Access your e-recorded documents anywhere

All your e-recorded documents are stored in a secure cloud. You can access your e-recorded NOCs, Liens and Satisfactions from anywhere in the world by just logging to your account.

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Make better use of your time by avoiding traffic and not wasting time standing in a line at the county recorder’s office. It only takes 5 minutes to e-record your construction documents.

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SunRay will make sure that notices are issued timely, properly, legally. SunRay offers me peace of mind and to my operations.
Mark Kashmanian

Mark Kashmanian

SunRay helps us collect our money, protect our money. It is user-friendly, provides a lot of information and is easier to keep track of everything that we do online.
Mara Cruz

Mara Cruz


E-Recording FAQs

Frequently asked questions on E-Recording NOCs, Liens and Satisfactions

How do I know how many Notices to Owners (NTOs) to send if there are multiple NOCs?

The rule for a blanket NTO vs. multiple NTOs is based off whether there is 1 contract between the GC and the owner of the project. If they do not know if there is 1 contract and there are multiple NOCs, then we would send multiple NTOs.  

For multiple residential lots that have separate NOCs even though there is 1 contract (between GC and Owner), it would be best to send multiple NTOs as well, one NTO for each NOC/lot in case they start selling the lots as they get finished.

For example, there are 10 lots being built, there is one contract between the owner and the GC but each lot has its own NOC, if the owner/developer sells only lots 1 & 2, you shouldn't do one lien to reflect all the lots and all the owners. The best business practice is to do one lien for lot 1 with the old and new owner, one lien for lot 2 with the old and new owner and the other lien for the other lots that have not been sold and are still owned by the developer. As there were separate Notice to Owner forms for each lot, you may file such separate liens.

There are other facts to take into consideration, such as the NOCs being terminated when the lots are completed and so that they can be sold, regardless, if you are within the 30 days from the notice of termination you can still lien for that specific lot.

Another case, if you got paid for each lot separately, you may file separate liens only on the lots that you did not get paid for, because you secured your lien rights for each lot, by doing separate NTOs.

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