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Claim on Bond

How to Stop Work If You Are Not Getting Paid (It Is Not What You Think!) - Webinar

Safely stop work by learning how to secure your claim of lien right by putting a lien on property. Also understand why to serve a Notice to Owner and what to do if you provide a performance bond.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Preserving a Remote Contractors Lien in Tennessee the Notice of Nonpayment Requirement - Webinar

Part three on Tennessee lien laws. Notice of Nonpayment requirements, Notice of Lien requirements, and statutory forms for these documents.
Claim on Bond

I Sent a Bond Claim/Notice of Nonpayment. Now What? - Webinar

You sent a bond claim/Notice of Nonpayment, now you should know how to get paid! Understand whose payment bond you can make a claim on, if you need a proof of claim, and how to file suit.
Claim on Bond

Dealing with Bonded Liens in Arizona and How to Get Paid on Public Project Bond Claims - Webinar

Learn how subcontractors and suppliers are protected by Miller Act & Arizona Little Miller Act payment bonds, and how Arizona Preliminary 20-Day Notices work.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Bonding a Lien in Tennessee - Webinar

Why you should bond a lien, how to bond a lien, bonding a lien with a lien bond and using a payment bond, and perfecting the lien after a bond.

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