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How to Get Paid After Sending a Notice of Nonpayment - Webinar

You sent your Notice of Nonpayment, but when will you get paid? You may need to send a proof of claim, file suit on the payment bond, or submit your claim to a construction lawyer.
Claim on Bond

I Sent my Notice of Nonpayment (Bond Claim), Why Won’t the Surety Pay me Already? - Webinar

Secure your payment rights by sending a Notice of Nonpayment, learn construction bond deadlines, when you need a Notice to Owner Florida, and when to submit a claim to a construction lawyer.
Get me Paid

A Supplier’s Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Paid - Webinar

This simple guide will help you protect your lien and bond claim rights by understanding Notice to Owner rules, Notice of Commencement Florida format, and how to check a credit application.
Claim on Bond

Miller Act - Florida Public Bond Claim - Webinar

Learn more about the Miller Act, when and who needs to file, when the prime contractor must make a claim against the public entity, and when to send a Notice of Nonpayment.
Claim on Bond

How Do I Get Paid After I Make A Payment Bond Claim - Webinar

Getting paid after making a payment bond claim is not too hard! Learn about payment bond claims, when to send your Notice to Owner, and when you should hire a construction lawyer.

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