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Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Preserving a Remote Contractors Lien in Tennessee the Notice of Nonpayment Requirement - Webinar

Part three on Tennessee lien laws. Notice of Nonpayment requirements, Notice of Lien requirements, and statutory forms for these documents.
Claim on Bond

My Lien Was Bonded Off. Now What? - Webinar

Learn what “bonding off a lien” is and what happens after your lien is bonded off. A surety bond can also bond off your lien. Find out how it is different from a payment bond and performance bond.
Claim on Bond

How to Stop Work If You Are Not Getting Paid (It Is Not What You Think!) - Webinar

Safely stop work by learning how to secure your claim of lien right by putting a lien on property. Also understand why to serve a Notice to Owner and what to do if you provide a performance bond.
Claim on Bond

What Happens After I Send My Bond Claim? How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

Bond claim deadlines, general rules for subcontractors, Notice to Owner deadlines, what to do after receiving request for proof of claim, and after sending Notice of Nonpayment.
Claim on Bond

Dealing with Bonded Liens in Arizona and How to Get Paid on Public Project Bond Claims - Webinar

Learn how subcontractors and suppliers are protected by Miller Act & Arizona Little Miller Act payment bonds, and how Arizona Preliminary 20-Day Notices work.

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