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Claim on Bond

Bonding Off a Lien: Essential Information for Contractors and Owners

Learn all about bonding off a lien in the construction industry. This guide provides essential information for contractors and owners.
Get me Paid

Getting Paid Faster with Lien, Bonds, and Contracts - Louisiana - Webinar

In this webinar, learn how contractors and subcontractors in Louisiana can preserve their payment rights and ensure that they get paid successfully for their work with the help of liens, bonds, and contracts.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

What Happens After I Record My Lien? How Do I Get Paid? - Maryland - Webinar

In this webinar, learn about the various steps contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in Maryland should take to ensure that they get paid after recording their lien.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

My Lien was Bonded Off. Now What? - Webinar

When a payment bond (surety bond Florida) is required, why use SunRay to put a lien on the property, and how to serve Claim of Lien with a Notice of Commencement.
Claim on Bond

I Sent a Bond Claim/Notice of Nonpayment. Now What? - Webinar

You sent a bond claim/Notice of Nonpayment, now you should know how to get paid! Understand whose payment bond you can make a claim on, if you need a proof of claim, and how to file suit.

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