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Claim on Bond

Construction Contract & Lien Basics that Will Get You Paid Faster: Part 3 - Lien and Bond Rules and Exceptions - Webinar

Learn how and when to make a payment bond/bond claim, lien law traps to avoid, when to file a claim of lien, when to serve the Notice of Nonpayment, and how to record a lien.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Notice to Owner, Lien and Bond Claim Refresher (with Pro-Tips) - Webinar

The Notice to Owner, Claim of Lien, payment bond, Notice of Nonpayment and Contractor’s Final Affidavit are some of the most important construction documents you need to know about.
New Lien Laws Changes

Georgia - Notice to Contractor, Lien and Bond Claim Refresher (With pro-tips) - Webinar

Basics of Notice to Contractor, lien, and bond claims in Georgia. Learn about lien waivers, Notice of Commencement in Georgia, filing a bond claim, and how to secure attorney fees in Georgia.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Notice to Owner Mistakes to Watch Out For - Podcast

These 3 mistakes in your Notice to Owner can cost you your lien or bond claim rights. Learn how the Notice of Commencement can help you find the information to fill out your NTO and understand the 45-day deadline.
Get me Paid

How to Get Paid After Sending a Notice of Nonpayment - Webinar

You sent your Notice of Nonpayment, but when will you get paid? You may need to send a proof of claim, file suit on the payment bond, or submit your claim to a construction lawyer.

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