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Get me Paid

I Won a Judgment! Now How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

If you win a judgment, your lien allows you to foreclosure on a property, you should use the Notice of Commencement to find the judgment debtor, and you can recover your legal fees.
Get me Paid

How Do I Get More from My Lawyer and Reduce Legal Fees? - Webinar

Picking the right construction lawyer/construction attorney is as important as reducing your legal fees, attorney fees and costs. Also learn what a charging lien Florida is.
Get me Paid

Saving your Business through Bankruptcy - Webinar

Financial issues and financial difficulties impacting your business, reorganization vs liquidation, and real estate reorganizations due to bankruptcy.
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

What Happens After I Record My Lien? How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

Learn about a claim of lien, what a surety bond is, and when you should hire a construction lawyer or construction attorney to get paid.
Claim on Bond

How to Stop Work If You Are Not Getting Paid (It Is Not What You Think) - Webinar

When to send a Notice to Owner or file a Claim of Lien, when you have rights against a payment bond, and how to secure your construction lien or bond rights.

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