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Get me Paid

Personal Guaranties and Other Ways to Get Paid - Webinar

There are different types of personal guaranties that you can use to get paid.
Get me Paid

How to Get Paid After Sending a Notice of Nonpayment - Webinar

So, you sent your Notice of Nonpayment, but when will you get paid? Find out here.
Get me Paid

How Do I Get Paid on a Public Project If There Is No Bond? - Webinar

There are a few things you should do on a public project at the time of contract in order to get paid if there is no bond. Learn what those things are, here.
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If I Lien A Tenant/Lease, What Am I Liening (And How Do I Get Paid)? - Webinar

Learn how to get paid if you lien a leased property, what you are liening, and what Florida lien law says about liening a leased property.
Get me Paid

Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do This to Get Paid Anyway - Webinar

Learn more about the pay-when-paid provision, how it affects different individuals, and how it is made enforceable.

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