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Get me Paid

How Do I Get More from My Lawyer and Reduce Legal Fees? - Webinar

Picking the right construction lawyer/construction attorney is as important as reducing your legal fees, attorney fees and costs. Also learn what a charging lien Florida is.
Get me Paid

I Won a Judgment! Now How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

If you win a judgment, your lien allows you to foreclosure on a property, you should use the Notice of Commencement to find the judgment debtor, and you can recover your legal fees.
Claim on Bond

What Happens After I Send My Bond Claim? How Do I Get Paid? - Webinar

Bond claim deadlines, general rules for subcontractors, Notice to Owner deadlines, what to do after receiving request for proof of claim, and after sending Notice of Nonpayment.
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A Contractors, Subcontractor’s & Supplier's Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Paid - Webinar

In Michigan, learn when to file a Notice of Commencement, when to provide a Sworn Statement, when to serve a Notice of Furnishing, and when a suit must be filed against payment bond.
Get me Paid

What Is a Notice of Commencement in Florida and What Must it Contain?

Read more about the Notice of Commencement including where to record it, what information to include in the form, deadlines, and whether or not it should be notarized.

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