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I Recorded a Lien, What Happens Next So I Actually Get Paid - Webinar

Do not think that just because you have filed a lien you will get paid. There is still work you need to do after!
Claim on Bond

Owed $5k or Less? Take them to Court Yourself. Here Is How - Webinar

Learn about the legal documents you have to send to protect your small claim, how a lawyer can help you, and how you can go to court yourself to get paid.

Boo! Scary Lien Waivers and How to Avoid Them (And Still Get Paid) - Webinar

Lien waivers and releases can seem scary, but by learning what they do and how you can avoid them, you can still get paid!
Get me Paid

What Is a Notice of Commencement in Florida and What Must it Contain?

Read more about the Notice of Commencement including where to record it, what information to include, deadlines, and whether or not it should be notarized.
Get me Paid

Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do This to Get Paid Anyway - Webinar

Learn more about the pay-when-paid provision, how it affects different individuals, and how it is made enforceable.

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