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Dealing With Material Price Escalation - Webinar

Learn about verbal contracts, written contracts, force majeure, exculpatory provisions, performance bonds, and how to deal with existing construction contracts.
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I’ve Been Sued! Now What? - Webinar

You have been sued, but don’t panic because there are some actions you can take like filing a lawsuit. Learn about Reservation of Rights and what to do in case of breach of contract.
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What Is a Sworn Statement of Account? How Do I Respond to a Sworn Statement? - Webinar

Learn what a Sworn Statement of Account is, how to respond to one, and what happens if you don’t respond on time. Demand a written statement and learn what to put in a demand letter.
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How to Recover Your Legal Fees When You Collect A Debt - Webinar

There are two ways to recover your legal fees when you collect a debt. Learn what happens when you record a lien, why you should timely send your Notice to Owner, and what to do if you have a construction bond.
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Bankruptcy Happens – How to Deal with It! - Webinar

Bankruptcy has negative connotations, but is it always a bad thing? Learn how bankruptcy can stop things like foreclosures and lawsuits, and as a subcontractor, how to deal with it.

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