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How to Recover Your Legal Fees When You Collect A Debt - Webinar

There are two ways to recover your legal fees when you collect a debt. Learn what happens when you record a lien, why you should timely send your Notice to Owner, and what to do if you have a construction bond.
Claim on Bond

Owed $5k or Less? Take them to Court Yourself. Here Is How - Webinar

Learn about the legal documents you have to send to protect your small claims, how to send your Notice to Owner (NTO), and how a demand letter for payment works.

What is a Contractor's Final Affidavit? When Do I Need to Send One and How? - Webinar

Learn what a Contractors Final Affidavit is. What happens if the Notice of Commencement is terminated, and how is an affidavit different from a “sworn statement” or “sworn affidavit?”
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What Is a Sworn Statement of Account? How Do I Respond to a Sworn Statement? - Webinar

Learn what a Sworn Statement of Account is, how to respond to one, and what happens if you don’t respond on time. Demand a written statement and learn what to put in a demand letter.
Get me Paid

What Is a Notice of Commencement in Florida and What Must it Contain?

Read more about the Notice of Commencement including where to record it, what information to include in the form, deadlines, and whether or not it should be notarized.

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