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NTO/Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Notice to Owner Mistakes that Can Cost You Big - Webinar

There are three commonly made Notice to Owner mistakes that will cost you your lien or bond claim rights.

Boo! Scary Lien Waivers and How to Avoid Them (And Still Get Paid) - Webinar

Lien waivers and releases can seem scary, but by learning what they do and how you can avoid them, you can still get paid!

Can I Lien a Homestead Property? 6 Major Homestead Lien Questions Answered - Webinar

Find out whether you can lien and foreclose on a homestead property that you provide labor and/or materials for.

How Do I Lien for Tenant Improvements? - Webinar

Liening for tenant improvement work is not the same as liening on the owner’s interest in the property. Understand the difference here.
Get me Paid

Personal Guaranties and Other Ways to Get Paid - Webinar

There are different types of personal guaranties that you can use to get paid.

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