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Waivers and Releases

Don't Sign A Release Unless It Says This One Thing. Seriously, Don't Do It! - Webinar

Learn more about what kind of releases you should and should not sign, before you put another pen to paper.
New Lien Laws Changes 2019

These Are the Newest Changes to the Lien Law in 2019 - Webinar

Lien laws do not change very often, but when they do it is important to stay informed.

I Recorded a Lien, What Happens Next So I Actually Get Paid - Webinar

Do not think that just because you have filed a lien you will get paid. There is still work you need to do after!

Boo! Scary Lien Waivers and How to Avoid Them (And Still Get Paid) - Webinar

Lien waivers and releases can seem scary, but by learning what they do and how you can avoid them, you can still get paid!

Who Can File A Construction Lien in Florida?

Learn more about the Florida construction lien, what kind of properties it can be filed against, who has construction lien rights, who cannot file a lien, and the deadlines.

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