Credit and Collections

How Much Credit Can I Extend to My customer Before I Get Screwed - Webinar

Learn about everything there is to know about extending credit to a customer, how to protect your lien rights, using the right lien form, and how to use SunRay to send a Notice to Owner.

Boo! The Scariest Contract Term That’s in Your Contracts (and You Don’t Even Know It) - Webinar

Learn about the scariest term in your contract as a subcontractor, what an Addendum to Contract is, and how not to get stuck between a general contractor’s agreement and a supplier’s terms.
Lien Waiver / Lien Release

Construction Contract & Lien Basics that Will Get You Paid Faster: Part 5 - Lien Law Traps to Avoid - Webinar

Learn how to respond to a Sworn Statement of Account and what information this statement requires. Take a look at a sample Request for Sworn Statement of Account, and understand how to amend a lien.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Wait, What? I Only Have 40 Days to Send My Notice to Owner - Webinar

The Florida Lien statute says 45 days but the truth is you only have 40 days to send your Notice to Owner (NTO)!
Mechanics Lien/Construction Lien

Your Lien is Worthless…on Tenant Buildout Work. Here’s Why (and What to do About It) - Webinar

Understand why your lien maybe worthless on tenant buildout work, how to find out the party contracting with the general contractor, and why you should not rely on the Notice of Commencement.
Notice to Owner (NTO) / Preliminary Notices

Top 3 Florida Notice to Owner Mistakes to Watch Out For - Podcast

Avoid three mistakes in your Florida Notice to Owner that could cost you your lien or bond claim rights. Learn how the Notice of Commencement can help you find the information to fill out your NTO and understand what it really takes to meet the 45-day statutory notice delivery deadline.
Other Resources

Bankruptcy Happens – How to Deal with It! - Webinar

Bankruptcy has negative connotations, but is it always a bad thing? Learn how bankruptcy can stop things like foreclosures and lawsuits, and as a subcontractor, how to deal with it.
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