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What is it a Notice to Owner?

A Notice to Owner, also known as a NTO in the state of Florida, is a notice that secures your right to lien a property. If you are a subcontractor or a supplier and do not have a direct contract with the owner of the property you must send a Notice to Owner to the General Contractor in order to secure your right to lien a property. Subcontractors and suppliers  have 45 days from the first day of furnishing materials and/or labor to a property to send a Notice to Owner.

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Who needs to send Notices to Owner?

Any subcontractor or supplier that does not have a direct contract with the owner of the property must send a Notice to Owner in order to secure their lien rights. A Notice to Owner is sent if you are conducting work or improvements on a property (whether repairs or new construction) and you are working directly for anyone other than the owner of the property.

Send a Notice to Owner NOW to secure your lien rights!

How do I send SunRay my information?

With Sunray Construction Solutions, requesting your notices couldn’t be easier!

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What does it cost?

$30 plus postage per Notice to Owner!

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What does the $30.00 plus postage include?

  • Researching the property owner, legal property description, NOCs (if applicable), and Bonding information
  • Delivering the notice
  • Tracking delivery and obtaining a certified delivery receipt – or ‘green card’
  • Our System allows you to Track YOUR deadlines
  • Retaining records of all notices on our database for easy future access

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Send a Notice to Owner NOW to secure your lien rights!

How does a Notice to Owner protect you and your business?

In the state of Florida if you are not contracted directly by the owner of the property you should send a Notice to Owner to secure your lien rights and/or bond claim rights. Sending a Notice to Owner is a suggested part of your business process and practices if you are making improvements to the property.

When you send a Notice to Owner, you are effectively informing the owner of a property or of an improvement project that you are a subcontractor on the job. It is a way to make the owner aware that as a supplier you should be paid before payment is made to the contractor on the job.

Sending a notice will:

  • Secure your bond claim rights or lien rights
  • Inform all parties that have an interest in the property that you are on the job site
  • Lets everyone know that you are serious about getting paid on your terms

Need to know if you are within your 45 day period of sending a Notice to Owner in Florida? Click on the link below..

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