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Intent to Lien
Lien Req.
Prime Contractor

Notice of lien rights must be provided on owner occupied residential projects and also to identify sub-contractors to be used for services.


Sub Contractor

Not Required. A notice of providing labor/materials to owner prior to commencement of work. A 2nd tier sub-contractor must notify the prime contractor within 30 days of first providing materials.



Supplies to a sub-contractor on non-residential projects, notification must be sent to the prime contractor within 30 days of first providing materials.



A Release and Satisfaction of Mechanic’s Lien, Notice of Commencement of Work, a Notice of Subcontractor/Supplier of Labor, Notice of Materials to a Subcontractor, Certified Statement of Notification, Notice of Commencement of Work


1. How long do I have to file a claim of lien in Iowa?

90 days on private projects, from the date materials and services were last performed.  30 days on public projects upon completion of services.


2. Do I have to file any notices before I start work on a property in Iowa?

Some pre-lien notices are required not to long after, or at the start of commencement of work.


3. Is there any mandatory notice requirement in Iowa?

A sub-subcontractor must provide a Notice of Subcontractor/Supplier of Labor, or Notice of Materials to a Subcontractor, and a Certified Statement of Notification for commercial projects.

A general contractor has two notice requirements on private and residential projects. First, a Notice to Owner, and General Contractor’s Written Contract with Residential Owner. Listing all parties that are entitled to lien rights.

Second, a Notice of Commencement of Work, within 10 days of commencement of the work.

For private, residential projects, all subcontractors must complete and post a Preliminary Notice.

For all private projects, commercial and residential, a general contractor or a subcontractor may perfect a mechanic’s lien by posting a lien to the Mechanic’s Lien and Notice Registry website, and giving notice to the owner. Such notice may be served within 90 days.

For public improvement projects, a supplier of materials to a subcontractor, is required to provide the general contractor with Notification by Material Supplier, during work.


4. When is my last day of work so that I can file a lien to get paid?

The last date services are provided. 


5. Who do not have any lien rights in the state of Iowa?

On a public contract, a party providing materials to a subcontractor furnishing only materials is not entitled to rights. Suppliers of labor or materials to a sub-subcontractor or lower are not entitled to any lien rights. 


6. How long do I have to file for a lien of foreclosure?

On a private project, you have within 2 years from the allotted time of 90 days for filing the claim. On public projects, 30 and 60 days after completion of final improvement. 


7. Who satisfies the lien when I get paid?

An owner, principal contractor, or subcontractor.  A Release and Satisfaction of Mechanic’s Lien should be posted on the MNLR website.

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