SunRay Lien Law Webinar

Pay-When-Paid Sucks, so do This to Get Paid Anyways.

Thu, May 21, 2020 9AM EST

Hosted by

Ariela Wagner, M.B.A

President, SunRay Construction Solutions

Alex Barthet Esq.

board certified Attorney | Principal, The LienZone

In this webinar, you'll learn


What is a Pay- when- Paid Provision

We review your project and design your the best solution you've ever seen in MS Paint.


What is the Magic Language that makes a Pay- when- Paid Provision Enforceable

We take all the shiny pixels from Paint to Marvelapp. That's where we can click-thru.


As a GC , What do I do ? / As a Sub, what do i do?

Our skilled team of Developers then create everything using the latest frameworks such as PHP.


What About my Lien and Bond Rights

Since user feedback is the most important part. We will then test everything with 1-10000 people.

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