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All the construction claims and mechanic’s liens that are filed in the SunRay system are thoroughly checked before being mailed. Don’t be fooled by free services to send your precious documents. Send your preliminary notice or file lien with accuracy and get paid.

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Simple Steps to Ensure Timely Payments.

Send your 3rd Month Notice by the 15th day of the 3rd month following each month where materials and/or labor was furnished to the commercial project. For example, if you furnished materials and/or labor in July, a 2nd-month notice would be sent by September 15th. If you are still not paid, you need to send the 3rd Month Fund Trapping Notice by October 15th.

Send your notices to the right people involved in the project to secure your Texas lien and bond claim rights. Don’t take any chance, take action.

Construction liens in Texas must be filed by the 15th day of the 4th month following the last furnishing of labor and/or materials to the Texas commercial job. For example, if the last furnishing on the project was in June, the deadline to file the lien for all outstanding invoices is October 15th.

  • If you miss sending your preliminary notice within 20 days of first furnishing labor and/or material, you will not be allowed to file lien in case of non-payment. Therefore, it is important to send your notice on time.
  • If you don’t send your notice to the right people, your California lien and bond claim rights will be invalid. Why take a chance? Let SunRay help you with the right details.
  • California lien can only be filed until 90 days from last furnishing labor and/or material. So, file your lien when you still have time and don’t wait for your payments just because the contractor said he will pay you.
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We Have used Sunray for over 8 Years now and they are absolutely amazing. Extremely responsive and quick to get the job done. They will take the time to explain all lien laws and processes to you. Everything is done in the best interest of their clients. Highly recommend using them.

Zachary Exposito
Z Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

SunRay will make sure that notices are issued timely, properly, legally. SunRay offers me peace of mind and to my operations

Mark Kashmanian
Mark Kashmanian

Our company has been using Sunray for years. They are Extremely reliable, and no questions go unanswered! I am always greeted by the refreshing “How can I make your day Sunny?” Highly recommended for your construction needs. I personally have attended my first seminar through Sunray, which also exceeded expectations, very informative!

Jade Mullings
Veteran Roofing, Inc.

Nicole is absolutely amazing and very professional. She always finds a solution for any problem that might come up with a notice. Sunray is a very wonderful and reliable company. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to have notice to owner/notice to commencement/lien done.

Jennifer Lockhart
Gator Gypsum

SunRay helps us collect our money, protect our money. It is user-friendly, provides a lot of information and is easier to keep track of everything that we do online

Mara Cruz
Mara Cruz


Our pricing is amongst the most transparent in the industry.

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Texas Notice and Mechanic's Lien FAQs

Frequently asked questions on 2nd month, 3rd month and Affidavit of Lien documents in Texas

What is a Florida Notice to Owner?

A Notice to Owner is a preliminary notice that needs that informs all the parties working on the project that you are serious about getting paid.  

As per the Florida lien law, if you are not contracted directly with the owner of the project and wish to maintain your lien rights, you must send a notice to owner. General Contractors that are working directly with the owner may choose to send a Notice to Owner.

What is the deadline to send a Florida Notice to Owner?

The deadline to send a Notice to Owner is 45 days. But there is an exception to this deadline. The Notice to Owner must be received, not sent, by the 45th day from your first work or delivery of materials to a job site.  So, you actually need to send your NTO on or before the 40th day, which can be considered the actual deadline.  

The only exception is for specially fabricated materials, materials that can only be used for a specific project. The clock starts ticking as soon as you start fabricating materials not when you install the product.

What if I send the Notice to Owner late?

Unfortunately, if you send a Notice to Owner late, there is nothing much to do to salvage your lien rights. The Notice to Owner is a document that must be sent without fail in order to secure your right to get paid. Unless a mistake has been made by the owner or contractor, a failure to send an NTO is like forfeiting your lien rights.

But you should still go ahead and send the notice even if you are late, since this notice serves to give you visibility to project stakeholders and may prioritize your payment status.

How to put a lien on a property in Florida?

A lien is recorded in the county where the work is being done. For example, if you are working on a project in Miami, the lien would be recorded in Dade County.

If you are not contracted directly with the owner of the property, you are required to send a Notice to Owner (NTO) if you wish to lien a property. File your lien now!

How to file a construction lien in Florida?

A Florida Construction Lien, also known as a Mechanic's Lien, must be filed within 90 days of the last work or materials furnished to the job. The lien is recorded in the county in which the project is located, and the timeline does not include "punch list" work.

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