“SunRay Construction Solutions has been wonderful to work with..

  • Pricing:  Competitive
  • Accuracy:  100%
  • Accessibility re questions/ client issues:  Could not ask for better
  • Website:  Easy – thank you!!
  • Training:  Successful/Quick and Complete
  • Staff:  Friendly and Responsive and Knowledgeable
  • Expectations have been met




“Thank you for going the extra mile with our company.

That is exactly why we have our business with your company.

Much appreciated!

Beth Hershock”

Palm beach



“Thank you & your team for your help.  Picked up my check 5-30-13.

The Sub I was working for still has not shown his face.  Thank You.

Dan  Yenner”

 Bog Hog Bobcat Services, Inc.


Get Paid Now!Secure your lien rights and get paid on your terms.At SunRay we are interested in the success of your business, as your success is our success!