SunRay Brings You Automation for 2015

Exciting Technology Upgrades and Resources

API and Data Upload in Excel!

API integration so customers can upload their construction notice data automatically


Interface with SunRay’s system for quick, accurate, and secure integration for your requests.
Automation will benefit your Credit Managers:
  • Avoid Selecting Wrong Documents! 
  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors!
  • Meet Important Deadlines With Automatic Email Reminders!
  • And Much More

If interested, please contact our programmer Luis Romero at  or call him at 877-564-4404 so we can help you get started!

Have Questions About the Construction Notice Process? Visit Our Resource Center Online!


Often times our customers have great questions about the construction notice process. Maybe you are a subcontractor or supplier and you need to know which document to choose or the legal steps you must take to secure your right to lien.


We want you to know about a valuable resource right at your fingertips.  If you visit our resources page and click on your state you will find answers to many of your important questions.


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