Pre-Lien Demand Letter

On occasion, a Lien is not enough to prompt your customer to pay the bill.  Liens expire after 1 year and if you do nothing beyond the lien, your bill may not be paid. Prior to filing a foreclosure action on your lien, (an expensive proposition) you may wish to send an attorney demand letter which threatens this action.  Once your customer and/or the property owner sees that there is an attorney involved, they usually become aware that the gig is up and will contact you to settle the debt before things get out of hand and much more expensive for them.  Sending the demand letter is a good inexpensive next move even if you have no intention to file the suit.  Your customer and/or property owner would never know.  They would perceive that this problem is heading in a direction not good for them.  Because of this, this process usually has the desired effect of getting your bill settled and paid.

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